DETAILS: Cosmic Ghost Rider Destroys Marvel History

Presenting a three-cover variant set for the Marvel’s newest, strangest hero -- the Cosmic Ghost Rider. The first two covers will be the trade and virgin variations of the trail-blazer racing against time, while the third cover will be the convention exclusive for C2E2 (see image below)!

Similar to Greg’s highly-anticipated War of the Realms variant cover hitting the shelves in April, this stylized, mobile mural as classic van art depicts the ominous unraveling of the Marvel Universe by our anti-hero. The convention exclusive ponders the fate of a true icon in the perilous palm of this punishing purveyor of the Power Cosmic! Phew! Kinda makes your pulsating heart palpitate, dont it?

Well, don’t pump your breaks just yet. This one is coming up fast in your rear-view mirror! Our Pre-Sale will be this Tuesday, February 12th at 8:00 pm est, so don’t let it pass you by!

The first issue of this six-part limited series will be on sale March 6th.

The print run for the three covers will be as follows:

  • 3,000 copies for cover A (trade dress)
  • 1,000 copies for cover B (virgin)
  • 1,000 copies for cover C (C2E2 Convention Exclusive)

Available for purchase will be numerous options for individual raw issues and/or sets, in addition to the 9.8 CGC-graded issues for Universal and/or Signature Series.

Raw options

  • Unsigned copies of the trade dress will retail at $12.99 while signed copies will list at $22.99
  • Unsigned copies of the trade dress and virgin variants will be listed at 39.99, while signed copies for both editions will be available for $54.99.
  • Unsigned copies of all three variant covers (trade, virgin & con exclusive) will be available for $79.99. Signed editions for all three variant covers will be priced at $99.99.

Special Sets!

For all of you completists out there, we have additional options for sets which will include the 1:10, 1: 25, and 1:50 respective variants by Carlos Pacheco, Rob Liefeld and Jerome Opena!

Please be aware that we have a limited number of these ratio variants, and will only be available while supplies last!

  • 4-Sets with 1:10 variant by Carlos Pacheco will be listed at $89.99/$109.99 (unsigned/signed)
  • 4-Sets with 1:25 variant by Rob Liefeld will be listed at $94.99/$114.99 (unsigned/signed)
  • 4-Sets with 1:50 variant by Jerome Opena will be listed at $104.99/$124.99 (unsigned/signed)

CGC options

We have a unique offer for fans of slabbed books. Any purchase of a Universal and/or Signature Series labeled book will also include a reader copy of the Greg’s Trade Dress variant! That’s right, you actually get to READ your comic! Another novel idea brought to you by the House of Horn.

For clarity, a reader copy may be a term more familiar with our old school collectors, so do not expect a 9.8 raw copy along with your slabbed book. These copies will be flawed, but they will definitely be complete for your reading pleasure.

Promotional Giveaway

Any purchases of sets or CGC-graded comics of Cosmic Ghost Rider Destroys Marvel History will qualify for a random giveaway of sketches on backing board by Grateful Greg Horn. We will have three of these beauties available and the promotion will run through the Pre-Sale until the book’s release date of March 6th.

Fans who participate on Greg’s Comic Collectors’ forum on Facebook have already reaped the benefits on previous releases. This is a unique opportunity to get a gorgeous piece of original art just for giving us your support.

If you haven’t joined the forum, find us on Facebook! We routinely offer chances to win free comics and prints from our online store, as well as offering first crack at our newest releases!