A listing of Frequently asked questions:

How long will my delivery take?
Please allow 14-21 days for delivery. Of course, some orders will be fulfilled much earlier- we ship on a "first ordered, first served" basis. Pre-order items start processing when we receive them from the distributor. Once shipped, a tracking number is provided through email.
Will I get a tracking number for my package/purchase?
Once shipped, a tracking number should have been emailed to you.  Otherwise, the easiest way to get information on your package is to make an account at Greg Horn art. There you can see the status of your order. The "Create Account" button is at the top of the website page.
Do you ship internationally?
Yes we do. Be aware of the higher shipping rates involved
What is your return policy ?
You can request a return for damaged or an incorrect item within 14 days of receiving the package. Please contact us within 48 hours to get the process started we take a lot of care packing your items, but understand damage can occur during shipping. Please do not open the packaging if possible
Will you sell original art on your page ?
Yes, art will be offered at the Greg Horn art store from time to time
Will you ever sell commissions on your page ?
Still working out the details of commissions/remarks. More on this later
Could you do a small sketch or remark on my book/books ?
Greg Horn's remarked (sketched) comic books auction on eBay anywhere from $700 - $6500. He can't remark your book at price lower than the auction result, because it is simply unfair to the top bidders, and destructive to the general market of unique remarks. In the future, there may be a solution to this. It is best to join Greg Horn Art's mailing list in the event of any news on custom remarks.
Do you ship prints ?
We offer a selection of prints from time to time. Contact us for special requests. Join the mailing list for any news items regarding this.
What can I do for lost or missing packages ?
Check your tracking number first by making an account at Greg Horn art. If there is anything amiss, contact us immediately
Do you sell gift cards ?
We will offer gift cards soon.
Can Pre-orders be requested on the same ticket as an instock item?
Yes, but your order may not be shipped until the pre-order item is received by us from the distributor. At that point, we ship on a "first ordered, first served" basis. Exceptions are made on individual basis.
Bags and boards included in packaging?
Yes, all comics are protected in this manner. Then they are bubble wrapped and mailed flat in a protective box.